Announcement of TET Holiday 2022
We, (EVPC) would like to inform TET holiday schedule & Wishing you the good Health & Happiness in the new year! 
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Top Message

For all stakeholders, I really appreciate your ongoing interest in EBARA Group and EBARA Vietnam Pump Company Limited.
Since our establishment as a pump manufacturer in 1912, EBARA Group has developed business in the fields of fans and blowers, chillers, environmental plants, and eventually the precision machinery industry, continuing to broaden our business domains throughout our history of over 100 years.
EBARA Vietnam Pump Company Limited (called as “EVPC” hereinafter) is a member of EBARA Group and provides pumps and its service.
I believe that EVPC’s mission is “Support our Globe based on Technology and Passion” and as General Director, I plan to improve sensitivity to market demand, tackle necessary changes and take action quickly at all levels. This will enable us to continue to support social infrastructures, industrial infrastructures, thereby enriching the lives of people around the world in a wide range of fields and regions while achieving sustainable growth.
As I see it, supporting society, industry, and life is the value EVPC delivers to society at large, and the very reason for our existence. We will achieve sustained growth together with society and heighten the corporate value while resolving various social issues through our business.
EBARA Group has existed for more than 100 years and we are determined to keep contributing to society as a whole by making maximum use of our technologies, expertise and the talents of each and every employee to provide products and services that solve issues facing customers and society for the next 100 years to come.

Function of EVPC
A distinctive feature of our Factory is called as “Integrated Pump Manufacturing Factory”, which means our Factory is able to carry out manufacturing products from raw materials through machining, assembling and testing. In EBARA Group, EVPC is the only plant with the ability of furnishing the casting foundry and plate-welding shop in one location.
Because of the “Integrated Pump Manufacturing Factory” and as no need to rely on the outsources, we are able to manage and control the quality, manufacturing timeframe and costs by ourselves and enhance our competitiveness.
In addition, all codes and standards of engineering / design, manufacturing and quality control systems of our Factory are precisely following the standard and/or guidelines of Futtsu Plant, which is a mother factory of EBARA Corporation in Japan, under the supervision of Japanese skilled human resources.
We are confident that the products manufactured in our Factory are the same quality as ones produced in Futtsu Plant of EBARA Corporation.
We strive to continuously improve our quality and productivity to provide our products made in Vietnam to the markets worldwide.

Service and Support
EVPC will continuously make efforts to satisfy customers by providing high quality products of EBARA Group, best services and engineering solutions after installation by the network of Hanoi Branch, Ho Chi Minh Representative Office, and Dong Nai Distribution Center.
History of EVPC
In 1995 EBARA Corporation established EBARA Hai Duong Company Limited (the joint venture between EBARA Corporation and Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing Company, called as “EHD” hereinafter) in the Hai Duong Province, Vietnam. In 2011 EHD became a wholly-owned subsidiary company of EBARA Corporation and then changed its name as “EVPC”. In order to meet the active demands for pumps in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, by 2016, EVPC completed a new integrated factory with casting capability.

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